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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Kerala Lottery Pooja Bumper 2022 BR-88 Prize Structure

Kerala Lottery Bumper Prize Structure

Kerala Lottery Pooja Bumper 2022

Pooja Bumper 2022 BR-88

Pooja Bumper 2022 Detailed Information

Kerala Pooja Bumper 2022 had been launched by the Hon'ble Finance Minister Shri K.N.Balagopal on 18-09-2022. This Pooja Bumper BR-88 is recieved by the Hon'ble Transportation Minister Shri. Antony Raju.


Draw No.: BR 88
Date of Draw: 20-11-2022
Cost of Ticket: ₹250

1st Prize: ₹10 crores (₹10,00,00,000)

Kerala Next Bumper Pooja Bumper 2022 Prize Structure

First prize: ₹10 Crore
Second Prize: ₹50 Lakh
Third Prize: ₹5 lakh (5 lakh x 12 winners)

Detailed Prize Structure of Kerala Lottery Pooja Bumper 2022

Here is the most exciting prize details of the bumper lottery Pooja Bumper 2022 released by the Kerala State Lotteries department. All the information about the prize structure is listed in the below given table. The series of the printed tickets are also mentioned along with the prize details.

Pooja Bumper 2022 Lottery Ticket Details

The Kerala Lottery Pooja Bumper BR-88 lottery ticket details like cost and GST details, total number of printed tickets, total prize amount, agent's commission etc are given in the table below. Read it carefully for getting the details of Pooja Bumper 2022

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